Ali Fearnley has been casting for films, TV and commercials for over 20 years. Working closely with directors both in casting established actors and searching for new emerging talent, she relishes a tricky brief and casts for many of the best production companies and directors in the UK and abroad on award-winning work.

A member of the CDA, she was nominated for best UK, International and Online commercial in 2017, winning best UK commercial with the 'Green Party' ad, while 2018 has seen nominations in the categories of best International and Online commercial.

Toby has been working in the industry for over two decades. He began his career in acting at the age of 18, with starring roles in many much-loved shows including Dad, Down to Earth and Band of Brothers. Over the years he gradually developed an interest in casting and has been working alongside Ali Fearnley for several years. Toby enjoys the thrill of discovering new talent and working with original material.